Something to Ponder

H and I and the kids are going camping tomorrow for a week.  I won’t be getting any spankings under the circumstances (and hope I don’t earn myself any while I’m away!).  I will miss our maintenance spankings, though.  We will just have some catching up to do when we return.

So my question for you all is — what feeling(s) does this photo conjure up in you?  Positive?  Negative?

Perhaps a little imagination is in order as we wonder what landed this poor lady over her guy’s knee…………..Hmmm……could be any number of reasons!

Hope you have some fun with it — I’ll be back next week  🙂





  1. I say wow, green undies…and it’s really annoying when your hair falls in your face and gets all itchy.

    Oh, with all that kicking exactly how is she keeping the shoes on?

  2. My main reaction was: wow, I wish my hair stayed perfectly in place while OTK like that! Mine just gets all over my face and I have to keep pushing it out of the way!

    And also, WHY does that little smirk appear on the guy’s face right before he swats her?? Meanie!! 😉

  3. Hi Anna. My first reaction was just to laugh! I love the look of surprise on her face after every swat. That’s probably how I look too. I agree with Molly Rose, I think this guy may be enjoying himself just a little too much, lol

  4. Ana

    I say…OUCH!!!! 😉

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